About VRSD

Visualization of Remote Sensing Data (VRSD) is a showcase for imagery created by the Laboratory for Atmospheres at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and by other groups. The visualizations are derived from satellite data which has been color-enhanced or otherwise processed to yield high-impact renderings of hurricanes and other natural phenomena. Because of this processing, these images should be viewed more as works of art than as raw data suitable for quantitative analysis.

VRSD is an outgrowth of a past NASA program, Public Use of Remote Sensing Data. The RSD Program provided partial funding for several innovative projects which used NASA satellite data.

VRSD is sponsored by the NASA Learning Technologies Project.

Image Use Policy

Images produced by NASA are usually free of copyright and can be used for personal or educational purposes without restriction, as long as such use does not suggest that NASA endorses any commercial goods or services. The complete text of NASA image Policy is available at http://www.nasa.gov/gallery/photo/guideline.html. If images are used from this server, credit should be given as stated in the accompanying caption page, or to "NASA Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres" if no caption is present. we like to see our images get used, so please drop a line to webmaster@rsd.gsfc.nasa.gov to let us know.